- Is Race an Issue?

Her finder du supplerende tekstforslag til temaet Colorblind - Is Race an Issue?, som du kan opgive som kilder til dit selvvalgte emne.

Supplementary texts

Ferguson: Timeline of Events Since Michael Brown's Death

Timeline of events that took place after Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri.
By Raf Sanchez, and David Lawler, Washington



LeBron James: Being Black in America is Tough

TV clip about a basketball star who had his home vandalized. He is a spokesperson on racial issues in the USA.

A Conversation About Growing Up Black

Various individuals share their experience of growing up black.

The Rosa Parks Story: Arrested

Excerpt from Rosa Parks Story about refusing to give up her seat to a white person.


American History X

Movie about violence in a radicalized youth. It shows why deprived young males may choose violence and anger as a lifestyle.

12 Years a Slave

Movie about a black man who is free but becomes a slave again until he is released many years later.


Accidental Racist

By Brad Paisley
Song about a white man acknowledging that blacks and whites have different historical backgrounds.

Mississippi Goddam

By Nina Simone
Song about racial injustice in the South in the 60s.


Focus on Black America

By Edward and Hannah Broadbridge with Tania Kristiansen
Additional texts on racial issues.